Sunday, June 19, 2011

Launching T-shirt business!


WindSpirit Graphix!
Love this aspect of our decorated apparel business! Gives dog & horse enthusiasts instant gratification by seeing their kennel, barn, winning photos, etc. on a T-shirt that they can wear or give to friends. While its nice to be able to proudly display framed winning photos...not many people get to see them and share in life's special moments.

Speaking of special moments, I'm including the photo of my Bonjovi getting his first point towards his Grand Championship. We are so blessed, living in God's country, doing what we love, and sharing our lives with our boxer kids.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm back!

So hard to get my feet wet after such a long absence...lots of exciting things happening: WindSpirit is getting busy -- new orders, new goals and direction. All good stuff. More in the days ahead.

Have re doubled efforts to focus on customized t-shirts for the dog and horse world. This will allow winners to have instant gratification by getting a t shirt with their photo almost immediately. Of course, its being done, but there's always room for one more. This will give me an opportunity to attend shows while I'm doesn't get better than this. I'll be posting pics of a few t-shirts I've just done.

My boxer boy Bonjovi got his first point towards his Grand Championship on Saturday at the Flagstaff show. It feels so good to get in the ring again.

Oh! Here's a new painting of my dear friends boxer Ch. Pearlisle Standing O For Bix-L -- "Doc" is also the sire of my Remy, and my little white Angel who is going to her new home in CA next week.