Sunday, January 2, 2011

Life & times at WindSpirit Ranch

So much about bragging to my friend Donna in WI about our unseasonably "warm" winters...on New Years eve morning I had just returned from feeding the horses,
still jumping around trying to get warm...OK, I might have planned better and
chosen something besides pajamas and fleece lined denim jacket to go out, but
I was wearing my woolly purple sox...she calmly asked me what the temps were,
I looked out my kitchen window and whispered "zero"..."WRONG" she said, "I'm
looking at the Ash Fork weather online, and it says 8 minus!" no wonder Noah's
wiskers were, I said "OK, what's your temps in WI?" She said "Fourty
degrees!!!!!" What the heck? How did this happen?

What else is new? Besides the millions of new year resolutions I've made, hey!
like throwing spagetti at a wall, somethings gonna stick.

We now have boxer #7 at WindSpirit Ranch...Miss Reese is a six year old rescue from Fresno, came to us through sad circumstances. But the good news is that she now has a
wonderful, loving, forever home...she came to the Fresno SPCA weighing in at 32 lbs.
that is about 1/2 her normal weight. She has brought so much joy to our home...
all the boxer kids love her, all except Sedona, but Sedona doesn't really like
anybody besides Steve.