Friday, July 16, 2010

Bonjovi's home - Art & Soul exhibit at Ash Fork Library

Drove to Las Vegas to meet Gary and pick up Bonjovi - home at last from the CO, ID, MT Circuit. I could tell Bonjovi was glad to see me, but I wasn't sure whether any part of him was the least bit miffed that I had handed him off to Gary 3 weeks before and simply walked away (had he known the anguish I went through he would have forgiven me instantly)...he jumped in the truck, visibly glad for the cool air, a respite from the 105+ deg temps outside. Plopped down in the Co-pilot seat as is his custom, and promptly went to sleep. As we headed home, I'd catch him giving me sidelong glances. Was that the look of love? Or reproach?

We had to reintroduce BJ to the clan so that he could once again regain his rightful place as top dog. As we went for our evening walk, we were blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets at WindSpirit Ranch. The next morning, Bonjovi once again enjoyed his romp through the fields...

Excited that some of my paintings are being exhibited at the Ash Fork Library...

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