Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bonjovi is a Champion!

I'm so excited that Bonjovi is finally finished - a Champion! How very cool is that?

I've not seen him since I handed him off to Gary Steele 2 weeks ago...that may not seem like a big deal, except we are together 24/7. I don't even go to the store, or feed the horses, or even sip a glass of wine, without my boxer boy next to me.

So, meeting Gary in Flagstaff on their way to the ID, MT circuit, handing him off, turning and walking away was huge...I finally decided that for all the heart, love, time, money I've invested in my beloved boxers, I had to do this...give him a chance to become the champion I knew he was, or accept that I had done my very best, send him with the best, then be at peace with it.

The truth of it is that I couldn't love him more now...but maybe I've proven something to myself. One of those AH HA moments...this inspires me to be more, do more, have more faith and confidence in myself.

Gary told me how Bonjovi "nailed" his first major points: The judge had put him second, then asked Gary to take him around the ring, with instructions "come to the center of the ring and don't touch your dogs!" All of the hours of training to self stack, came together in that one instant, as the judge rethought his initial choice and put Gary and Bonjovi first. I thought my heart would burst with pride.

I'm so grateful to Gary Steele for seeing promise in my dog, believing in him, and making it happen in one week!! Bonjovi is now CH. Mar-Rocco Bix-L's Bonjovi RA, how cool is that?

What's next for us? Can't wait for him to come home next week, then we will finish Rally Excellent, do Agility - he's not just a pretty face you know...but first Bonjovi needs to be a couch potato for a while, chasing rabbits and bugs...watching sunsets, sipping wine...:-)

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  1. How absolutely wonderful! Congrats to Bonjovi, Gary and Marie! Keep on being champs -- all of you. Love and very best wishes, you BFF Marilyn


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