Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bonjovi and life lessons

Taking my boxers for their early morning run...Bonjovi always likes to take a toy, keeps his prey drive at bay...on 50 acres, we often see rabbits. If they lay very still, Bonjovi will usually just run by them. Too often, fear of being caught make them run for it, then the chase is on...I'm always rooting for the rabbit..."run for your lives" I yell. As they head for the nearest fence to make their escape.

There are many life lessons watching my dogs chase rabbits...they give it 100%, running for all they're worth, huge smiles on their faces, they nearly careen into the fence, look forlorn at the rabbit making their escape, then they look around, brush themselves off, and look for the next rabbit to chase - and off they go!!! Why do we humans hang on to defeat and disappointment? There's always another rabbit to chase...

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